Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One better day.

There was one better day than today.
Things had much more fluidity, more motion, more life.
Today we all learned something new.
Learned how the air has it's own character in our nostrils.
Learned that the sun goes down and rises with or without us.
We felt skin under our fingertips, life in our hands.
We saw the road again, the one most travelled and realised we had never looked at it before now.
We learned humility in the face of our greatest challenge.
We found strength in our faith in nothing but ourselves.
We looked and saw the truth, hard as it was we faced it alone and walked forward.
We slipped away into our own thoughts of love and sealed ourself in.
We walked away, didn't turn back and never wavered.
We ended the battle and won, integrity intact.
We loved and didn't lose.
We found ourself, decided it was the only truth and disappeared into the night.
Never to be seen again, we will always be remembered.
Always to be remembered.
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