Monday, August 20, 2007

Binaural Audio

This is my completed 'Dummy Head' mic. It's not very attractive but it's practical and will do what I need to. It's basically a sponge football with a piece of dowel stuck through the middle and two tie clip mics mounted on each end of the dowel. The whole thing sits on a desktop mic stand. The total cost including the mics was £51 which isn't bad.
I was going to mount the mics on an old pair of glasses but I was worried about noise as I moved about. This little structure is noise free and pretty stable too.
I'm taking the whole thing to Cornwall to record some beach sounds and stuff. I'll put the recordings online as soon as I get my new PC.

1 comment:

bad_sector said...

Hi there - I'm looking forward to hearing the results.

It looks like a mighty useful piece of kit you've put together.