Sunday, June 01, 2008


Welcome to McDonalds at 1 Market Street, Leicester. As you approach, this is how it looks.

As far as it goes this looks like any normal McDonalds restaurant. Recently McDonalds have changed their image somewhat and the interior is now a little more funky, a litle more fresh, a little more contemporary. As long as your world is a formica world then that's all OK. For the rest of us it's a little too try hard. What can you do with a space that needs to be wipe clean and hard wearing? Not much.

But all this is by the by.

I imagine that McDonalds has fairly strict rules as to how their franchises are to be run. In the case of my visit to the Market Street branch tonight those rules seem to have gone out of the window.

In days gone by McDonalds and similar type restaurants were reffered to as 'Fast Food' restaurants. Well not tonight!

The iconic hamburger, the Big Mac, was nowhere to be seen and My Cat and I had to wait for one of those each and our fries and our nuggets. Everything is on an as you order basis. I understand that wasting food is bad but it seems that McDonalds have taken this to the extreme, if you want food then you'll have to wait, just like anywhere else. So a question at this point would seem to ask 'Why go to McDonalds?'. At this point I can give you no good reason.

My other complaint is that this restaurant is pretty damn filthy and for that reason alone I won't be going back. Considering there was one member of staff to take the orders in a very quiet restaurant she had easily enough time to collect the used cartons and wrappers from the tables.

To be quite honest, if this is the standard outside in the seating area where the public can see then what is the standard of hygene like out of view. In the kitchen for example.

If you need proof then take a look at these shots. For the duration of our visit (20mins +) this was the state of the place.

To top it all they couldn't even get my gerkin in the bun.

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