Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Dunno

Here's a sign for foreign drivers.
It says No parking on verge. Because I don't speak foreign I don't know what day verge is. For all I know it could be today, a Wednesday. Maybe it doesn't apply to of at all because I'm English.
If you know what day verge is then let me know and I won't park here on that day.


Anonymous said...

According to Heroditus, Verge is the first day of the festival of Kaput held dear by the Magi (Sixth tribe of the Medians) equating to August the 13th in every leap year. However I thought it was no longer celebrated, particluarly after the unification of the Persian Empire under Cyrus the Great...I could be wrong though ;-) Gotta meet up soon to discuss! KevJ

MikiStrange said...

Thanks for that definitive explanation. As it's a year with an odd number I should be OK to park there all this year which is a good thing.
Meeting up to discuss this topic is a great idea. I'll bring a notebook and a shoehorn and you can bring a crocodile handbag with a rose sticking out so that I recognise you. I'll send an email by carrier pigeon as usual. X