Sunday, August 23, 2009


Neville likes Sausage.
The trouble is that Paul likes Neville and he jumps into Sausage's basket when Neville is in there thus making Neville's available room much smaller. This tends to upset Neville and upon me observing the squash he jumps out. This means that Neville doesn't get much rest as I am constantly running around the house doing stuff.
One day I will forget to look and take Neville and possibly Paul to work which would upset them both and cause me a few problems.
Cat food is the answer and I must remember that. Shake the nuts before leaving for work and my feline friends will appear especially if it's Yams Nuts which they like the most.
I'm sure the Ocean Fish variety has some kind of cat nip additive in it because the boys ignore jelly food and head straight for the Yams Nuts.
I'll never know, I'm not a cat, although I can scratch fleas out of my ear with my foot.
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