Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Double Standards

A couple of weeks ago I got a note through the door from Leicester City Council.
The gist of it was that bins left on the street were causing a hazard to children attending the local primary school, elderly people and blind people. This despite it being a very wide pavement and parents filling every available parking space day and afternoon despite living in the catchment area. The blind people thing I can live with, it's not fair on them so the bin is now brought out on a Tuesday morning and gets put back when I get home from work.
So imagine my surprise when I got home from work today to find my bin in the middle of the pavement. Not left there by me but by whatever company empties them for LCC. No-one had bothered to move it during the course of the day. There wasn't any kind of pram pile-up or anyone stuck upside down in it after accidentally falling in.
This leaves me wondering. How much of a problem is it if it's not the priority of the bin company to move it out of harms way once it is emptied?
The council and contractor aren't talking.
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