Saturday, November 20, 2010

Track Time

Spare time is hard to find these days.
What with my weekday job and now the DJing I'm a busy fellow.
I think it was on Thursday that I was messing around with NanoStudio on my iPhone when I found a sound on one of the synths that I liked. It was a sequence of notes. I have a synth in FL Studio that I can program sequences into so I've nicked the note sequence from NanoStudio and dropped it into FL Studio and there we have the beginning of a track.
It's also made me think about using keys and modes to make sequences. Writing in key is something that I did as an experiment a long time ago and the results were pretty good. Using key modes on top of that will give me more options to play with. I'll start that process soon but for now 'Cloister Bomber' as it is known will just have to go with the flow.
I'm happy enough with that method.

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