Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weather Report

I suppose my blog year wouldn't be complete without some kind of adverse weather report.
I only write these posts because I spend a lot of time using the road system. This means that I get to see the best and worst bits and experience them too sometimes. On the whole this year is no better or worse than any other year in the Midlands. There are picture postcard vistas in the fields and villages and slushy roads and impatient drivers risking all for a few seconds thoughtlessness in the cities.
I'm not here to give advice or berate. That can be done much better by other people. I'm here to write a blog post that says nothing has changed. I'll be back next year to do the same. In the meantime I'll laugh at anyone who dares say we've never had it so bad.
And they will.

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ashley said...

You are so right!