Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two Wheels Good

A few years ago my mode of transport was a Ford Transit.
I'd always wanted one and I got mine cheap. It became a little expensive for my weekday 60 mile round trip and so it was sadly replaced with a Ford Mondeo. I moved jobs and only had to do the 60 mile round trip once a week so it was better. More fuel efficient and with less travelling it by comparison seemed cheap.
Over the last few years fuel prices have risen steeply and I now have to complete the round trip twice a week. With all this to take into consideration and a looming costly MOT to come I decided the car had to go. And it did, to the scrap yard. The money I would have spent on the tax and MOT was spent on a decent bicycle. I have the use of another car to get to Coventry to DJ so the bike is fine for day to day commuting and I'll get fitter into the bargain.
After my first day riding 'Maas', that's his name, I feel like I've done the right thing. I arrived at work much more chilled out and because it's mostly down hill I was fresh as a daisy too. The uphill journey home is my daily workout and it only took 15 minutes to do that trip.
Am I sad to see the car go? Not really. I'm going to save a lot of money and be fitter in the long run and that's a good thing.
I will miss the radio though.

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