Sunday, June 03, 2012


This has been a productive weekend.
So far I've been drawing, learning, making music and today I finished the digital painting above called "Sunset".
I made the original image in Bryce 3D and over-painted the brush strokes in Artrage. It's not exactly a skilled piece of artwork but it is all my own and I like it. I added the frame in PhotoShop to finish it off.
Tomorrow it's back to music making. I have some automation, panning and mixing to do before mastering the track on Tuesday. This Jubilee weekend is just what I needed to catch up on a few bits and pieces that needed finishing.
There's new stuff to start but that can wait until tomorrow.
I have biscuits to eat.


Sian said...

wow this is so good. I thought you had used actual paint for a moment. I haven't attempted digital painting yet. This makes me want to :)

Miki Strange said...

I used ArtRage. At the price it's the best you can get. In fact I'd say at any price.