Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In Or Out?

A few people in the world will know that my favourite car is the Oldsmobile Aerotech.
In the early nineties I bought one of these Matchbox toys. I bought it because it so closely resembled the picture in my head of what my perfect car would look like. That's how it became my favourite car, because of a Matchbox toy.
Many moons later when the internet came along I was able to do some research about the Aerotech. I wasn't disappointed and so to this day I still like this car best. The only thing missing was that original Matchbox car. It had found its way onto the open road over the years and I lamented its disappearance.
I'll never own an Aerotech because it was only a concept car. Apparently you can still see them at car shows but that's as close as you'll ever get. I decided that the only way to own (another) one was to try and track down a model. I was in luck. The internet didn't disappoint.
So here I am with a brand new, still sealed in the box Matchbox Oldsmobile Aerotech. I'm happy but one question remains. Shall I leave it in the box or take it out?
I just don't know.

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