Saturday, November 29, 2014

Connected To Space

I suppose like most people I've dreamed of somehow being connected to space.
Tonight I realised that dream by listening to the distorted tones of ham radio operators talking to each other using a satellite in earth's orbit. I couldn't understand what they were saying because I didn't have the right mode on the scanner I was using but there were definitely voices behind the static. I was excited about ISS being the first station I'd pick up but it wasn't to be. Instead FunCube-1 provided the delight of being connected to space.
While I know that orbiting satellites aren't that far out into space they are nevertheless outside of our existence and separate from us while constantly connecting us to each other. The mere fact that ordinary people like me can choose where and when to communicate with other people via space is to me pretty darn amazing.
So there you have it. One man, one scanner and a bit of research and I'm connected to space. The next job is to get a ham radio license and start chatting back.
As ConcreteDog said when we met.
I should just do it.

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