Saturday, March 12, 2016

Slowly Slowly

This lead has taken over a week to make.
It's a connection between a data module and my radio. I needed to make it because I couldn't find one online and if they do exist online I don't the correct technical name for the connectors. To me and a lot of people they're just 8 pin mic connectors. In each of those connectors are 8 very small wires and each one needs to be soldered to its own pin. This is not an easy thing to do. In fact for me it's very difficult. Having done it wrong 3 times and then correctly twice I can now say it's a little easier. But not much.
So now the computer talks to the data box, I can connect the data box to my radio but now comes the bit which is as much brains as skill. I have to set the jumper setting inside the data box to suit my radio. If I get this wrong I could break the radio which is not the point of all this.
If it works I'll let you know exactly what I'm up to.
Not that that will make any sense either.

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