Thursday, June 23, 2016

Back To The Drawing Board

I've been doing a bit of restoration today.
Having played with HF radio and all its modes for the past year and a half I've decided that at heart I am a Shortwave Listener (SWL). I have no real interest in discussing what radio I have or collecting callsigns for competitions. I'm happy enough just listening to everyone else do that. I'm still keen on learning Morse Code up to a decent speed, I'm currently at 5wpm. It'd be nice to just listen to the dit's and dah's without resorting to using software.
I still have my radios around me so that I can listen in but the HF transceiver has been put in the loft until such time as I can find good reason to get it out.

In the meantime I restored the drawing board to its rightful place on my desk and I'll be getting the pencils, pens and paint out so that I can zone out doing my two favourite things, drawing and listening to the radio.
My brain is already calmer for the transformation of the desk.
I'll still report on SWL stuff but there should be an even sprinkling of art posts. For that matter I might just report odd stuff on this blog too.
I'm looking forward to the small but significant changes that you'll find here.

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