Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If you're ever in Leicester and especially New Walk, may I suggest that you steer clear of New Walk Burgers.
Despite trying hard to look like a cool take away food place it is in fact 'all fur coat and no knickers'. Their moto is 'Fast - Fresh - Fun' so let's break that down and see how they get on.
Fast. Judging by the lack lustre approach of the hired help behind the counter you can easily work out that fast isn't on his mind. It's true that me and my cat didn't have to wait long but that was because the place was empty. I would imagine like us, most people were less than impressed and haven't bothered going back for another helping.
Fresh. It was really hard to tell how fresh most of the ingredients were. The buns were all in plastic bags but there really was more than that business could hope to shift in a day, I couldn't tell how long they'd been there or how long they were likely to remain. The salad seemed fresh so one point there. The burgers came out of the fridge so your guess is as good as mine as far as they are concerned. The chips were frozen then deep fried so I would guess they could be anything up to a month old. The pre-made sauces, well, just take a stab in the dark.
Fun. If your idea of fun is dodging the sauces as they rolled out of the burger the second you picked it up then you need therapy.
To sum up the place is a tart in the honest world of tacky looking kebab shops. The food tasted like any other burger and chips from anywhere UK. Mine was supposed to be Penang Satay but I couldn't taste any satay at all. What I could taste was lashings of monosodium filled sweet chilli sauce.
It's a bit obvious to say this but I won't be going back. You can get an idea of the whole experience by just looking at their method of presentation.
New Walk Burgers: 1/10

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