Friday, September 01, 2006

Wanna win?

Remember Brian Dowling?
He's the gay irish guy that won Big Brother a couple of years ago.
He's now doing very late night telly. It's the kind of show that gives you the answer on screen in a not so jumbled form and asks you to phone in the solution at 75p a minute. It's basically, filler TV. It's the presenters grave yard. The kind of TV you do when there are no decent offers left on the table.
I'm not saying that talented people don't end up there and I'm not saying it's not well paid. But when you've embarked on a media career, off the back of a game show, it can't be the road you thought you'd be travelling along.
A message to all future housemates.
Watch late night TV. If you win, two years down the line, that'll be you.
I think I'll stay at home and laugh at other peoples aspirations...and drink wine.

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