Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Very Nearly Ready

That's yours truly sitting astride my very nearly finished machine. All that is required now is the horn fixing which should be a simple job and a battery adding which is indeed a simple job. All that remains after that is for me to buy a nice hemlet for me bonce and the nerve steadying MOT. Tax and insurance is just a money thing and will take a couple more weeks but that's all.
I doubt there'll be any reasonable weather left by the time that's all done so I've resigned myself to breaking myself back in in waterproofs.
The machine is now called GrimV (that's Grim five to those without knowledge of roman numerals) as all my bikes seem to end up being called Grim. I'll explain that one another time.
Anyway, Grim and I went for a quick spin last night and a whole bunch of fun it was too.
Happy days ahead.

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