Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Fantastic Opportunity

Above is a picture of a sculpture of Alan Turing at Bletchley Park.
He was a remarkable man and along with other people at Bletchley Park cracked the Enigma codes and saved the lives of thousands of people by effectively shortening the second world war.
This year as in years past Bletchley Park host the Turing Memorial Lecture and Dinner. It's an opportunity for anyone with an interest in Alan Turing and his work to learn more about subjects close to his heart. This year the lecture is on Thursday 2nd July. You can get more details and tickets for the event from
The lecture is titled 'Turing and Artificial Life' and will be given by professor Margaret Boden.
This isn't a geek event, it's for everyone so why not support Bletchley Park.
It'd be nice to see you there.
(I must admit that the picture used is from Stephen Fry's Twitter account. You can follow him and see what a great time he had at Bletchley Park.)

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