Friday, March 26, 2010


What is sound?
The honest answer is "Whatever you're capable of hearing."
So, to be able to play with sound is an adventure, one worth exploring.
I've been playing with Sampletoy. An iPhone app that lets you sample a sound and then mess with it.
I had previously been playing with Curtis Heavy but it's a pain getting the results off the iPhone and into my DAW. Sampletoy changes that. Once you've decided how to manipulate your sample, adding pitch changes, scale changes, delay and modulation you can simply record your work and email it to yourself as a .wav file. What could be simpler?
The effects are good, the controls are manageable and the results are all your own work. There are no presets here.
I have never used an app to produce content for my DAW before now, just straight audio sampling from recorder apps but this has changed the way I use my iPhone.
I'll give this 5/5 simply because I can mess to my hearts content and have the results in my DAW in no time.
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