Monday, March 01, 2010

School Bus?

Take a close look.
This is one of a small fleet of school buses that drive around Leicestershire. I've been hoping to get a photograph of one of them for quite a while and as you can see I finally managed it.
I imagine that the 'Beaver' buses are so called because in Leicester 'Belvoir' is pronounced 'beaver'. There are a lot of 'Belvoir' places in Leicester, a street, a college, you get the idea.
It would seem that adopting the pronounced spelling would be a good name for a bus company. However the 'Ride The Beaver' slogan used by the bus company seems to be as close to a deliberate double entendre as you could possibly get. This post is sounding like I'm about to get outraged that such a slogan and school children should not be seen together, but I'm not.
It's great to see the cool kids upstairs at the back of the bus and the slogan right behind them.
I'm laughing along with everyone else.
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