Sunday, February 28, 2010

Small Things Make Me Happy

I have finally got hold of my microscope.
It is a Watson 'Microsystem 70' and has a lot of optional extras including a proper stage and a binocular viewing head.
It also has a monocular viewing head and a camera attachment to attach the included Minolta SR-T 101 camera to. The camera has standard, zoom and macro lenses. The metering works wonderfully and is probably the best metering system I have used on an SLR which is a huge bonus.
I have box upon box of slides. A lot are blank but some are prepared with plant samples. There are tools and books and manuals and everything although old is in class A condition. It may need a little cleaning but I don't mind spending time getting everything up to scratch.
The picture above was taken on my iPhone using the iMicroscope app and the size is accurate. It's a sample of moss no more than 2mm wide.
Expect a lot of pictures in the coming months of all kinds of things.
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ashley said...

How cool. I love reading your blog. Now I want a microscope too!

MikiStrange said...

Hi Palm-Sounds.
Good to hear from you and thanks for the comment.
I had an idea today inspired by your comment. Why don't I take a load of microscopic pictures and load each one, one at a time, into a BeepMap channel in FL Studio which uses bitmaps as the waveform, and create short tunes. I could create a micro album, maybe 30 second tracks and release it on a CC license.
It might be a good side project.