Monday, September 13, 2010

On The Dhol

I spent most of my driving day listening to Panjabi radio.
One of the joys of living in Leicester is that there is a world of music and it can be tuned into on FM. I thought programming an Asian beat would be difficult but it gets so much into your head that you just know when it sounds wrong and adjusting takes only a little tweaking. I love the epic songs that are such a thumbprint of the Panjabi sound and I wanted to create my own backing rhythm for Scam D. I think I have what I want and I haven't even started the track proper.
One thing I have learned from my analogue session is that you've got to do it for yourself, no cheating, which is why I've got 9 tracks of secondary rhythm and not a sampled loop.
Scam D will sound better for it.

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