Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flaneur's Day Out #2

This is the life.
Up early for a cafe breakfast and then wondering around drinking coffee and browsing in bookshops. The weather has stayed the right side of dull so my second hand purchases have stayed dry.
This is my second flaneur's day out this year and I think I've got the hang of all this loafing and browsing. It makes a nice change to slow the pace right down and look and see things that are either missed or ignored in this hyper speed world.
I'm on my first drink of the day and it is a relaxed experience with no worrying about work tomorrow. I could get used to this but then it would become ordinary and dull.
If there is one thing about this modern 24 hour world that I like it's that there are still gaps for days like today.
I'll drink to that.

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