Saturday, February 19, 2011

Space To Think

A place for everything and everything in its place.
That's how the saying goes and I totally agree. An organised workspace is much more productive. It won't make one more creative but when that vital spark ignites the kindling and the logs are in place to build a roaring fire. One nice touch I added to my small ideas space is a subwoofer that I lined-out of my 10W practise amp. The small but perfectly EQ'd amplification is easily loud enough for my studio which is only a spare room and not the Albert Hall.
The idea about this new space is simple. Get a few chords together using Chordbot and Applichord Mini while on the road. Sequence the result into my QY100 either manually or through MIDI (untested and experimental) and then record in my DAW or with the fourtrack. There is also the option of using my PSP which is easy to get MIDI files into.
All in all it's a fine space and one that will get used considering I've only organised tools I already utilise.
Now, where did I put that inspiration?
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