Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Is Very Interesting

What you can see above is a screen shot of my writing software.
It has a web browser built in for research which is really useful. Because my novel is set in a real place I use Google maps street view to get my bearings and information I need for the story. While I was in the browser I got an error message asking if I still wanted to run scripts on the page, I clicked yes then went back to writing. The next time I went back to the browser Google street view seemed to be in 3D. I went downstairs and grabbed the handful of coloured chocolate wrappers I'd saved from xmas. They're blue, red and green. Because the 3D shift was in red/blue I held a couple of wrappers up to my eyes and there was street view in 3D. Click on the picture to enlarge it and try for yourself.
I haven't heard any rumours of street view in 3D so is this a one off or are we all going to be treated to a 3D option at some point in the future?
Who knows?

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