Monday, May 20, 2013


Berlin seems a long time ago.
That was my last holiday not counting bank holidays and here I am now with a full seven days to relax in. Yeah, some hope there. There are jobs aplenty to keep me occupied for the next two days at least and that includes ferrying people to the airport, giving the house a spring clean and catching up on all those little jobs that just get pushed to the mañana pile.
Thursday will be my Flaneur's day off and even then I have to squeeze in grabbing my train tickets from the station for a trip to London at the weekend. After a couple of days in the smoke it'll be back home and collecting those that I dropped off at the airport. Following that it's back to work next Tuesday.
I'm just wondering if I'll notice my "week off", probably not. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Nothing bores me more than the idea of sitting in the sun doing nothing. I like activity, it's full of opportunity, and London in particular is looking like it'll be very exciting. That's due to the fact that its not me organising things.
When I organise things like my Flaneur's day out it always involves me starting with a greasy spoon breakfast and endless traulling of second hand bookshops, a fine lunch, more traulling then six o'clock cocktails followed by booze. It never changes. Never.
So here we go. Off into the known and unknown.
I'll try my best to give you a day by day summary.

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