Tuesday, May 28, 2013

PalmSounds Pt 1

Next to the Pantone silk scarf and General Cat there are a few new additions to the notice board.
It literally took years to organise but the remnants of last weekend speak volumes for persevering with an online friendship.
I first found PalmSounds years ago, too long ago to remember. When I found out on Saturday that the blog had only been going for seven years I was actually shocked. Why? Simply because where I am now has been influenced so much by the PalmSounds blog and that time feels like at least a decade or more. I've learned so much, bought so much and created with so much that every piece of mobile music that's out there on the web that I've created should in reality carry an acknowledgement that PalmSounds had a hand in the final production.
We finally met in person last Saturday and PalmSounds had organised some activities for us. It was a revelation that someone who only knew an online persona could gauge those activities so well. We went to the Man Ray exhibition first. It was an education for me. I'd heard of Man Ray but was by no means an expert, I'm not now but I know that I'm glad I went and that I like some of his work, not all but some and that's enough.
We walked and talked and got to know each other a little better, I talked a lot, I do. We ended up sitting outside Tate Modern, not that I noticed because I was and still am in awe of the company. Eventually PalmSounds said that the next stop was inside the gallery.
Just pause.
I knew the name and the art but my head didn't match the two. It was still a surprise to walk inside the Tate and see his prints and books in the shop and feel the penny drop. You really couldn't take me anywhere better. It was an exhibition that PalmSounds wanted to see too but the fact that we both knew that this was something special despite being meatspace strangers made the whole experience more magical.
Really, how many times has that happened to you? Don't answer, but that's a first for me.
The rest of the the day is for my next post and another story altogether.
Stay tuned.

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