Thursday, June 13, 2013

H2O Above & Below

There's something very calming about water.
I hadn't planned to ride along the towpath before I went out but it was suggested to me by my girlfriend and I'm glad I went along with that suggestion.
My journey started out riding against the wind. I didn't mind this as I was in no rush and I knew it'd be at my back on the return journey. I cycled into the Leicestershire countryside and it wasn't long before I was surrounded by fields. The roar of city traffic faded and the wind blowing through trees and hedges became my soundtrack punctuated briefly by the odd passing car. After stopping a few times to photograph my surroundings I rested at a rural centre coffee stop and filled up with my usual sustenance of caffeine, nicotine and cake. The clouds parted briefly to bath me in sunshine and a cheeky Robin even sat on my handlebars as if to befriend me in return for sharing my banana bread slice. I welcomed our short encounter even though I wasn't looking for company.
On my return journey I rode over a railway bridge and then a canal bridge which offered steps down to water level. With that suggestion from my girlfriend still alive in my head I decided to take up the offer. The beautifully flat ride took me further away from the bustle of city life. It was water, nature and I. Only occasionally did I meet up with fellow humans at which point a cheery hello was all that was needed. Canals seem to be the last bastion of civility in a world where technology steals our eye contact and greetings to strangers. I rode happily for a few miles and then rejoined a main road which would take me all the way home with that welcoming wind at my back.
As I returned to the Tarmac and traffic the rain poured as if to remind me of the water I was leaving behind. It didn't take long to soak me through to the skin. When you're wet you're wet and nothing can be done about it. It didn't bother me anyway, I was on my way home with a head full of images and experience. I don't take enough time to enjoy such things. Even when I'm in my truck working my eight hours I enjoy the views of nature but never get to stop and breath in the air I'm passing through.
Today I rectified that and I'm glad I did.

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