Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Good Deed

I was walking back from the shop along the dark terraced streets where I live this evening and I spotted a purse on the floor.
I picked it up and scanned inside for an address but the only one I could find was out of town on a driving licence. I knocked on the door of the house outside which I found the purse but there was no reply so I took the purse home.
Inside is over twenty pounds in cash, the driving licence, a couple of bank cards and a couple of loyalty cards and other bits and bobs. The best information I have is the driving licence so I rang directory enquiries for a phone number for that address. It's ex-directory. Next I tried the internet. A dead end for social media except a Google+ profile to which nothing had been added. I sent a message but I guessed that this mystery person didn't have much interest in keeping a high online profile and wouldn't receive the message anyway.
Undeterred I went back to the street and tried a few of the neighbours houses without any luck. A delivery man in the area suggested I take the cash and hand it in to the police. That's not nice. I don't want to hand it to anyone that doesn't own it or I fear the cash will go missing.
I returned home and decided the only thing to do was to write a letter to the address I have and wait. That's how things used to work and work they did albeit at a slower pace than these days. I wrote my letter and posted it. In a couple of days there should hopefully be a very happy young lady giving me a call and getting her purse back.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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