Saturday, January 02, 2016

Digital Weather

Ta Dah!
May I present to you my first weather fax image.

While this kind of thing is old hat to some people this is all new to me. Having got into digital modes on the amateur bands I thought I'd try my luck elsewhere. The most obvious choice was to try and decode a weather fax because one is bound to find a broadcast somewhere in the bands.
I tuned into GFA Bracknell on 4608 kHz and with a bit of messing around got the fine image above. It's not the best by other peoples standards but for a beginner like me it's not bad at all. One can even make out the UK just above centre right. I wonder what else there is to decode out there?
I'm using FLDigi on my Ubuntu Linux laptop for all of my decoding these days with the exception of SSTV which I've yet to set up.
So there it is, new year's fun on digital.
Back to the radio.

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