Saturday, July 02, 2016

A New Cold War

Just over a week on from the Brexit vote.
So what has the UK gained from its new position in the world?
Not a thing. In fact with Boris Johnson exiting stage left it's now plainly obvious that the only thing in an exit vote for him was the job of PM and with Gove stealing BJ's thunder there was no reason for him to hang around. The whole referendum was nothing to do with this country's trade with other EU countries. Nothing to do with immigration but everything to do with politicians jostling for their next job.
For those of us that voted Remain it feels like we're trapped behind a wall that divides us from the rest of Europe. I have an inkling of what it must have felt like for the East Berliners as the wall went up.
EU politicians have already stated that the UK isn't going to get any special treatment. They're not going to make leaving the EU an attractive proposition for anyone are they. It's their way or nothing. We'll be out on our own and there's nothing we can say or do to change the EU's mind.
Over the next few months and years the UK can expect the gulf to widen. We're out, we've been told there's no going back, no second referendum. Who does that benefit? Certainly not me or the next generation.
The only people to get anything out of this are the politicians who will be entering parliament.
It's the same story all over again.

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