Saturday, July 02, 2016

No Bleeding Media

What could be nicer?
Watching Newquay Harbour in Cornwall on the webcam. Eating buttered Malt Loaf and drinking coffee. With the odd roll-up thrown in for good measure it couldn't get better as far as lazy afternoons go.
Then there was a knock at the door and a delivery man handed me a large white envelope. I signed his electronic do-dah and rushed back to the drawing board. I knew what it was and Saturday afternoon had just got better. Carefully opening my parcel I put my hand inside and pulled out a brand new ginger kitten!
No, not really, it was my eagerly anticipated Cresent Rendr sketchbook.
I've seen a few artists on YouTube use these and that's primarily because the paper is No-Bleed. What that means is that you can use things like Sharpie pens and there will be no trace of the ink on the back of the page you're using. It also means you get to use both sides of the sheet of paper and that in turn means no wasted pages. Genius.
It's all good stuff and if you're interested just click here and investigate for yourself.
Time to doodle.

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