Friday, October 27, 2017

I'll Be Too Old When...

I bought a skateboard today.
I'll give you a few reasons as to why.

  1. Locking up my bicycle and removing all the luggage every time I want to stop on short journeys is a pain.
  2. Since getting knocked off my bicycle a couple of years ago my knee injury isn't making hill climbing any easier.
  3. It's faster than walking.
I am actually thinking practically.
Skateboarding is both convenient and sustainable. Should I wish to use public transport I can take my deck with me and skate the rest of the way. I can stop anywhere, have a rest, enjoy the view, have a coffee and then be on my way. The only downside is that they're not so good in wet weather, and this is the UK. The thing is that I probably wouldn't want to walk or cycle in the pouring down anyway.
My skateboard is a 'Cruiser' and made for travel rather than tricks although I will have to relearn to Ollie but that's about all. It was bought locally at MagicToast where Joe did a fantastic job of assembling the components that I wanted. He also did a fine job with the grip tape.
The deck itself is a Grizzly with the Spider-Man design.
So at nearly fifty am I to old to ride?
I'll be too old when I'm dead.

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