Saturday, August 03, 2019

Two Steps Forward...

The Yamaha QR10 is here and I've already had the back off.
In the middle of the picture is a CR2032 battery. I need to replace it or anything I try to save into memory will be lost when I turn off the unit. Like the QY10 I had in pieces recently this battery is also soldered in place. I suppose that saving on the cost of a battery holder was something that Yamaha had in mind when these units were first in production. I don't think they reckoned on them being so popular 26 years later. I have ordered a battery holder and I'll have to add it so that the battery can be swapped out easily in the future. There's a space above the yellow circuit board underneath where the battery sits now.
The mod is worth doing because this unit can sample up to 2 sounds for use as either instruments or percussion. The massive sampling time is up to 3 seconds. I'm not sure if that is per slot or total. I intend to find out. The sampler can take its input from the onboard mic or a line in. That's not bad for a machine from the 90s.
Other than needing a new battery the QR10 is in great condition and is the fantastic scratch pad I wanted it to be. I'm already messing about with a chord sequence which I shall record to my DAW as soon as everything is working properly.
I'm really glad I've added this musical ammunition to my arsenal.

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