Saturday, July 27, 2019

Just One More

After the purchase of the RM1x I did promise myself that that was it for studio hardware. That was a duff promise.
Tonight I bought a Yamaha QR10 online. I had looked at one a while ago but there was some intense bidding going on so I didn't bother. The one I've just bought was available to buy immediately, so I did. Why do I need another Yamaha product? The reason is I need a scratch pad. Something to flesh out ideas without having to start connecting audio and MIDI cables. I need a one-button-and-go machine. My phone is very good for that. Above is a screen capture from Chordbot. If you don't own the app I can highly recommend it. It's been on my phone for years. If you have an inkling where you're going musically it'll get your ideas saved in no time at all. Its only weakness is that if you're staring at a blank canvas getting going is a little slow. Once you've started though it's good at moving on.
The QR10 is another matter. Turn it on and press buttons until something sounds OK. From there add a style or create your own and get your track structure recorded. The only downside is that there is no way of getting the track off the machine except via MIDI cables. Having said that, once I have a chord sequence done I can copy the chords into Chordbot and mail myself the MIDI file.
That's what I did tonight. The chords above now reside in Bitwig Studio as the start of a track. It'll take a few weeks to finish but as ever, no rush.

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