Sunday, July 07, 2019

It Isn't A Small Music Centre

Or is it?
In the 1970s there was a piece of furniture that sat under the window in the front room of my family's home. It was about five feet long, made of veneered wood and its purpose was to provide entertainment. It was both a radio and a record player and was known as the 'Music Centre'.
In the 1980s Music Centres became upright, like an encased rack of audio separates with wooden sides and a glass door. Eventually when the glass door and wooden sides disappeared and the whole fake stack was made of plastic they were renamed 'MIDI Systems'. I have no idea why. They were all audio and no MIDI.
I have no idea why I'm telling you this apart from the fact that I've been try to get my music hardware to talk to each other this weekend and every time I read the acronym MIDI it reminds me of the 80s. I should let it go but I'm still annoyed at the Hi-Fi makers for misappropriating the term.

The reason I'm connecting my audio hardware together is because I finally got hold of a Yamaha RM1x. The sounds on the unit are 1990s dance orientated and I love them. They're all useful. The Korg Liverpool on the other hand has just about every other sound I'm likely to use so that's it. The hardware studio is complete.
My MIDI problem is that all the units I use apart from my Yamaha keyboard have an onboard sequencer and that means they all want to be the boss and not take orders from any other unit. Plenty of MIDI out options but not so many MIDI in options. Communication is achievable but is far more convoluted than it needs to be. In the end I won and declared the Yamaha QY100 the boss. I will eventually declare the Korg boss but for now I'm keeping it simple.
As for the setup? Is it a music centre? Well yes, but its scope certainly isn't small even if its form factor is.

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