Saturday, July 20, 2019

Files Not Cables

My week off work is almost at an end.
It didn't really go as planned. It took much longer than I anticipated to swing around onto a dayshift sleeping pattern. That meant I spent much more time indoors than going out. I used my time to try and get to know my Korg Liverpool better. After weekends of messing around with MIDI cables and the QY's I had learned a lot but the Korg being an all in one solution taught me a valuable lesson. That is that because it has an onboard MIDI player I can simply load a MIDI file created on any of the other kit and re-voice it.
This is a much better proposition than trying to connect everything with cables and here's why. Each bit of kit I have that can create a MIDI file has its own personality. The RM1x is great for dance tracks, the QY's are useful for anything as is the Korg, but they all have a different feel. What inspires me one day might not work the next. I can even export MIDI files from music apps on my phone.
Once I have a file I can load it anywhere that has the sound I want and record out the audio from there. I've never really been a fan of recording complete audio tracks, preferring to have MIDI data drive samples, but after watching a tutorial online for Bitwig Studio I was reminded that there is a ton of manipulation options available, the audio file is just the start. I need to change my thinking slightly but I'm up for that. I have so much decent equipment that quality won't suffer in the audio transfer process.
I just need to remember to pack a pair of headphones because I'll always have access to some kind of music production software.
Let's see what I can do with those few spare minutes that float around my day.

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