Sunday, November 01, 2009

Time And It's Uses

My iPhone.
That's what I want to talk about. On one hand it's a very useful tool, both in my day to day life and my creative endeavours. On the other hand it's a crazy addiction that acts as a plug hole for pouring time into.
If I so wish I can write a whole tune or a book on this device or I can stare aimlessly at peoples comments on their and other peoples lives hoping that something they might say moves me enough to comment myself.
At any point in the day I can take pictures for myself or for other people to see. I can educate myself by listening to audiocasts about subjects I know nothing about. I can know what is happening anywhere in the world and in most cases know how it looks and sounds. In fact I with millions of other people are now the most informed group ever to have existed.
Strangely, as time goes on, I really think that I should select more carefully what I wish to know and from whom I source that information.
Media overload is no good for me or anyone else.

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Benjamin said...

Wise words. It is amazing what technology lets us do. Another matter if doing it is a good thing or not.