Monday, January 25, 2010

Disaster Management?

So there I was.
Minding my own business on my tacho break today when a Slovak man asked for my help. His van woundn't start and he couldn't understand the people on the emergency phone. I helped as much as I could but the language barrier was getting in the way.
Luckily I have an app for that. Soon enough we were rough conversing and I managed to let the Transport Agency know what was going on. They turned up and complicated the situation by not giving our foreign friend any garage numbers while all the time insisting that they couldn't jump start his engine. He eventually had to settle for the promise of a translated phone call. Hopefully he got it because I had to go but not before the HA people had left for a motorway accident. Their basic phrase book had proved useless and had they had a smartphone and access to Google translate I may not have been needed.
Welcome to the space age.

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