Friday, January 15, 2010

The Same Old Story

I hate service stations.
For the weary traveller that desperately needs a break or the truck driver who is required by law to rest, they are the bane of folk behind the wheel.
They do bring respite for families that have children with them, either for a toilet break or just a chance to stretch their legs. They also offer the opportunity to help you drive legally by not being tired or distracted by numb limbs. Motorway services offer the traveller an opportunity to rest and refresh. But at a cost!
Services have changed over the years. Once the domain of unknown cafes and shops they now offer you high street names and trusted brands.
But stop there for a minute. What are you paying for the same products and service you have come to expect in the town or city where you live? More, a lot more.
Just because you are on a major road shouldn't change a thing.
I imagine that the majority of people feel somewhat held to ransom because they don't want to deviate too much from the route they need to take. The service stations seem to think that by offering nothing but over-priced goods that you will succumb to their greed and I think this quite obvious attitude is outdated and ignorant of customer service at any level.
As a truck driver I have to by law take a break during my working day. Sometimes I have to stop at service stations because they are the nearest rest stop on my route. However I try very hard not to be without food or drink before I stop at them. I'm not rich enough to throw open my wallet and indulge in lunch or even coffee but sometimes this is what I require, however I always do without.
There is no way that motorway service stations will disappear. There is very little chance that they will ever align their prices to their high street counterparts.
My advice is to take a packed lunch.
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