Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Complete Package

The fancy leather envelope I ordered for my netbook arrived today.
I have a problem with new tech. Its lack of protection. But with so many options out there it's down to personal choice. I choose leather, high tech rubber compound or neoprene.
Leather is my first choice because of my days on motorbikes. It's a second skin. Flexible, rugged and breathable. If I can trust my own skin to leather then its perfect for expensive new technology.
The envelope case I chose is made by 'Ultimate Addons'. Despite being advertised for the Acer D250 it's made for the model with the smaller battery pack than mine. Having said that, my netbook does fit but it's a squeeze. I don't mind though. One of the best properties of leather is its ability to mould over time. I'm sure after a few months of bouncing around in my shoulder bag it'll be perfect.
I'll return to this in a while. In the meantime I'm still very happy with my purchase. It's well made and although we're not talking calf skin the leather is flaw free and of good quality.
I'm happy with that.
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