Monday, April 19, 2010

Election Special

I usually try to steer clear of politics but I thought due to the upcoming general election I'd make an exception.
I bought the above book on Saturday and found something interesting in the introduction by Bruce Robinson. The introduction was written in 1989, a time when Britain had been governed by the Conservative party for more than ten years. Mr Robinson was on the subject of politics and reproduced a list of points, they had a strange familiarity to me.
Now in 2010 when Britain has been governed by the Labour party for more than ten years I thought it was time that you read the list.
It was first published by Robert Brady, Professor of Economics at the University of California.

1. All natural resources are to be privately owned.
2. Businessmen are to be free. 'Self Government in Business.'
3. The social structure of society is sanctified. The middle class are the backbone of the State.
4. Employers have practically complete control over workmen in regard to wages, hours and conditions. Collective bargaining is abolished. Strikes are illegal. Trade unions forbidden.
5. Control is completely from on top. The leaders decide all things as they see fit. Central government controls all local government.
6. There can be no freedom of speech, of assembly, of writing. Anyone may criticise the government who is not afraid to go to prison.
7. Socialism is the major enemy. There can be no suchthing as equality. The 'broad masses' are fools and must be duped and led to meet the purposes of the elite.
8. All sciences and 'culture' must be co-ordinated to serve the purposes of the leader. Propaganda is the method. Propaganda knows neither right nor wrong. Neither truth nor falsehood. But only what it wants...

I think the list is as relevant now as it was in 1989 as it was in 1937 when it was published in 'The Spirit and Structure of German Facism'. It is Professor Brady's summary of the 'Nazi' system of government.

You of course must make your own mind up about the summary. I think it makes clear that whatever flag you decide to fly on 6th May 2010 nothing much will change.
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