Friday, August 13, 2010

Increased Wealth

I calculate my personal wealth by having things to hand as and when I need them.
To date the standard has been the availability of scourer / sponge washing up accessories. Should the old one run its course I need to have a new one at hand. This has been achieved, so where to from here?
Tonight I needed to sharpen a pencil and there to hand was a pencil sharpener. Riches indeed.

On this thread my mental wealth has increased over the last couple of days.
I have felt much better in myself since telling my manager that I am gainfully looking for other employment. It's the polite way of saying "You can shove your job up your f*$#ing a#*e you narrow minded immature brown nosing w#*&er!" After finding out that I was being paid substantially less for doing the same job as a colleague I felt aggrieved. Now I feel relieved. If for any reason my work isn't up to the standard required I have the reasoning that 'You get what you pay for.' to fall back on. Indeed, not trying, although against my nature is pleasantly relaxing. A great relief if nothing.

Am I a better person for stepping back from the breach?
Do you need an answer?
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