Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Thrill Of The New

I'm not superstitious.
Superstition makes no sense but there are things in my life that always make me think and from those thoughts I often arrive at different conclusions from those that might have existed without a prompt.
Watches are things that make me think. I won't let anyone buy or give me a watch. As I say, "My time is my own." The watch I wear daily is cheap, about £30 but I like it because it receives a radio signal from the atomic clock and is always accurate. Today the small band that holds the strap and stops it flapping around broke.
Time for a new watch. Time to change.

This holds true for my life. Work has gone from the thrill of driving to a constant battle with big company procedures. It seems that the larger the company the less in touch with day to day practices those in charge are. The larger the company the harder it is for promises to be kept because no-one knows what's going on or what everyone else is doing or has promised.
When it comes down to it, the people at the end of the chain, people like me, get an extra burden to improve. This would be fine if I could invent a few new hours in the day or was prepared to regularly break the laws of this land for the benefit of the company at considerable risk to my own livelihood. It's also difficult to improve or make extra effort if one finds out that one is working alongside another doing the same job and that one is earning considerably less.
That's the position I'm in. So like my watch, my work life is due for a change.

My time is indeed my own and I'll decide where I spend the working portion.
I can tell you that it's not where I am now.
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