Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Software Cheat?

I've been drawing for a while now.
While I've had a lot of fun and my drawing and perception have improved I'm still not drawing cartoons which is what I want to be doing. I've considered on and off using software to get right into the action. Sure there are some bits of software I'd have to use but what about the ones that make all this drawing easier?
I spent the night reading about perspective and while I now understand it am I prepared to spend hours drawing out all of those lines? Well, in all honesty, not really. And what about posing my figure? Should I study my mannequin for hours or just trace a basic 3D model? The latter wins again. There is lots of stuff that I still need to draw by hand and I'm at the level whereby I can do that. My cartoons and comics will still look like my creations.
When considering the above I thought about my use of FL Studio. I can't play drums or guitar well enough to record live for my compositions so I program them and use software to adjust the sounds and timing as needs be. Should I not be allowed to write music because I can't play certain instruments? No, of course not.
So what about drawing and 3D software? I've used most of the software I want to use before when I made animations for my VJing. So why not use my software skills now for another purpose? No reason not to.
I still need to buy and learn to use a couple of new bits of software on top of brushing up on software I've used before but it's all part of getting where I want to a bit faster and that'll get my ideas out of my head too and make space for new ones.
Isn't spontaneity what this is all about?
I think so.

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Sian said...

Sounds good! I look forward to seeing your stuff!