Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Right Tools

I probably spend too much time in the app store looking for tools that will do the job I want.
For the most part I find something that will do half the job and then buy another app that will finish the process. One thing I've been looking for is a really good vector drawing app. One that works like the tools in Photoshop but looks like the results one gets with Illustrator. I've never quite got on with Illustrator, probably because I haven't used it much but I like using the pen tools in Photoshop for outlining and stuff.
Today I found that app, it's called iDraw and it's very very good. It's really simple to use and I can get the results I want. I does a lot of vector stuff like intersections etc so is perfect for what I need it for.
This morning I'm a happy chap and I can get on with some drawing knowing that I won't be spending the next three days reading a manual that I struggle to understand.

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