Friday, January 25, 2013

The Revolution Starts Here

There are two sides to me.
The first side plays it safe, is calculated and assesses risk.
The second would like to put two fists through the table at your civilised dinner party before walking off and getting chips and beans in a tray from down the road whilst slugging mouthfuls of fine wine stolen from your teak sideboard.
This second reckless side doesn't get out much especially where music is concerned. I'm careful not to use presets, I make original compositions and tidy everything up before posting to the Archive. Every now and then I want to steal beats, mangle them and generally make a mess of nice music. I don't really publish any of this stuff and I like to delete it as the final act of vandalism.
I think it's time to keep those violent canvases and give other people a chance to analyse them. I'm reconstructing my studio so that I can get on with this years music project. For a while AmpUT will have to sleep. MikiStrange is on stage. Who knows? Will this be the support act it's always been or will it become the bill topper?
It's time for you to decide.
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