Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This Is How MikiStrange Rolls

Here it is. My new audio/MIDI studio setup.
It's all there. Digital audio from the iPad. An analogue mixer with built in effects, the QY100 with everything built in and to top it all a Matrix Mixer that I purchased from my friend ConcreteDog. It's built to produce all kinds of wonderful feedback and it does that very well indeed. I've only had a little play but I seem to have cabled it up in a way that works.
The reason for the new setup is because I'm giving AmpUT the year off as far as music making goes. As explained below I need to cut away from the clean and well produced work and make some noise. I need to get it out of my system and like my painting just go for it. Sod the rules and the practice and tuition just lose myself in some self expression.
The end result will hopefully be a collection of tracks produced in collaboration with both ConcreteDog and PalmSounds.
Both of these guys understand sound and its construction so their input will be as much excitement as education for me.
Here's to uncharted territory and great navigators.

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ashley said...

Man that's a nice rig. I'm jealous you know.