Monday, October 21, 2013


It's been a year since I started growing my hair.
I used to cut it every 4-6 weeks and when I say cut it I mean Bic it off. The reason was that I was too lazy to grow it. Curly hair is a bit of a nightmare when you're starting out. Since growing it I've straightened it a bit using and Afro-Caribbean hair product. For a white guy I do have some serious curls. My hair will handle products made for Afro hair.
A year ago I became lazy about cutting my hair so it's been growing and now looks long because of the hair relaxing product. I think I'll keep it growing for a while longer but there's no telling when I'll get bored with my fringe falling into my eyes.
In the meantime I'm quite enjoying looking different to my previous self.
How long it will last, who knows.

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