Thursday, October 24, 2013

Electric Dreams Realised

The first proper synth I owned was a Jen SX1000.
It took a lot of persuading to convince my dad that the loan was worthwhile. It took me weeks to pay back but I was in love with my synth and all I did was play it. That was in the 80's.
These days I'm overwhelmed with the variety and quality of synth apps at pocket money prices. In all honesty I think some devs are doing themselves out of a few quid because I'd happily pay more for what I'm getting.
I have a few favourites but I've just bought Arturia's iSEM. It is the synth I've always wanted. Not only is it just an amazing synth but it sounds the way I remember synths sounding. So why is that a big deal for me?
The reason is that deep within my psyche I can create music that has a certain sound to it and if I can hear the sound then I can concentrate on getting the tune right. I've messed around playing with iSEM's presets and adjusting them a little. Every starting point is there and adjustments are easy and intuitive. This synth for me is less about the synth and more about the music it'll help me create.
That's what the big deal is.
Well done Arturia.
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